Papers 2009

Working Papers 2009

Institutional Spending Rules and Asset Allocation
Marshall E. Blume

Predicting Short Term Eurodollar Futures
Choong Tze Chua, Krishna Ramaswamy and Robert Stine
(The Journal of Fixed Income, Vol. 18, No. 4, Spring 2009)

Conspicuous Consumption and Race
Kerwin Kofi Charles, Erik Hurst and Nikolai Roussanov
(Forthcoming, Quarterly Journal of Economics)
[abstract]                                                                                                              (The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 124, Issue 2, May 2009)

Competition Among Ratings Agencies and Information Disclosure
Neil A. Doherty, Anastasia V. Kartasheva and Richard D. Phillips

Takeover Activity and Target Valuations: Feedback Loops in Financial Markets
Alex Edmans, Itay Goldstein and Wei Jiang
(The Journal of Finance, Vol. 67, Issue 3, June 2012)

How Much Do Investors Care About Macroeconomic Risk? Evidence From Scheduled Economic Announcements
Pavel Savor and Mungo Wilson
[abstract]                                                                                                              (Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol. 48, Issue 2, April 2013)

Optimal Inattention to the Stock Market with Information Costs and Transactions Costs
Andrew B. Abel, Janice C. Eberly and Stavros Panageas

Common Risk Factors in Currency Markets
Hanno Lustig, Nick Roussanov and Adrien Verdelhan
(The Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 24, Issue 11, November 2011)

Skill in Corporate Acquisitions
Jeffrey Jaffe, David Pedersen and Torben Voetmann

Dynamic Incentive Accounts
Alex Edmans, Xavier Gabaix, Tomasz Sadzik and Yuliy Sannikov
[abstract]                                                                                                              (The Journal of Finance, Vol. 67, Issue 5, October 2012)

Tractability and Detail-Neutrality in Incentive Contracting
Alex Edmans and Xavier Gabaix
(The Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 24, Issue 9, September 2011)

Do Investment Banks Have Skill? Performance Persistence of M&A Advisors
Jack Bao and Alex Edmans
(The Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 24, Issue 7, July 2011)