Wharton Climate and Commodities

Virtual Conference

Friday, April 23, 2021

The conference provided an academic and practitioner perspective on climate and commodity issues facing asset markets and firms: the economics of wind power, the role of climate risk on firm decision making and oil price dynamics. Concluded with a panel discussion on inflation, commodity super-cycles and ESG investing.


8:30AM to 10:30AM    Academic Program (presenter in bold)
(20 min presentations, 10 min of Q&A)                                    

“Winds of Change: Technical Progress, Learning and Innovation in Wind Power”
Thom Covert (University of Chicago) and Richard Sweeney 

“The Rising Tide Lifts Some Interest Rates: Climate Change, Natural Disasters
and Loan Pricing”   (Click here for paper.)
Christoph Herpfer (Emory University), Ricardo Correa, Ai He, and Ugur Lel

“Temperature Shocks and Industry Earnings News”   (Click here for paper.)
Jawad M. Addoum (Cornell University), David T. Ng, and Ariel Ortiz-Bobea

“The Day that WTI Died: Asset Prices and Firm Production Decisions”  (Click here for paper.)
Jerome P. Taillard (Babson College), Erik P. Gilje, Nick Roussanov, and Rob Ready


10:30AM to 10:35 AM Break


10:35AM to 11:30AM   Round Table with Academics and Practitioners
Commodities/Inflation/Super-cycle/Climate Issues 

Erik P. Gilje, Assistant Professor of Finance, Wharton School 
Jeremy Siegel, Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance, Wharton School
John Jovanovic
, Wharton Alum, MBA Class of 2014  (Click here for bio.)
Casey Dwyer, Wharton Alum, MBA Class of 2017; MA Lauder Institute Class of 2017  (Click here for bio.)

Panel Summary (Click here.)


Conference Organizers:
Erik P. Gilje (Wharton School)
Jerome P. Taillard (Babson College)