Research Grants

The Rodney L. White Center is pleased to award research grants to the following Wharton Faculty and Finance Department PhD students for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Will Diamond, Assistant Professor of Finance
Banking Portfolio Choice, Asset Supply and Monetary Transmission: A Structural Approach

Ulrich Doraszelski, Joseph J. Aresty Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, Professor of Marketing and Economics
Ownership Concentration and Strategic Supply Reduction

Erik Gilje Assistant Professor of Finance
Public Listing Over Time in the United States

Tim Landvoigt, Assistant Professor of Finance
Credit Cycles with Market-Based Household Leverage

Paul Nary, Assistant Professor of Management
Firm Performance and the Role of Private Equity Counterparties

Michael Roberts, William H. Lawrence Professor, Professor of Finance
S&P LCD Data Acquisition

Nikolai Roussanov, Moise Y. Safra Professor, Professor of Finance
Mutual Fund Advertising

Jessica Wachter, Richard B. Worley Professor of Financial Management, Professor of Finance
Memory, Beliefs and Choice: Applications to Puzzles in Asset Pricing

Aymeric Bellon, PhD Candidate in Finance
The Real Effects of Investors’ Beliefs about Climate Change

Alexander Belyakov, PhD Candidate in Finance
Economics of Private Equity Firms

Alejandro Lopez-Lira, PhD Candidate in Finance
Being Innovative Pays Off, but When?

Mauricio da Silva Medeiros Junior, PhD Candidate in Finance
What is the Importance of Pivoting for Firm Growth?

Max Miller, PhD Candidate in Finance
What is it good for? War Risk and the Equity Premium

Tanya Paul, PhD Candidate in Accounting
The Effect of Financial Statement Quality on Receivables-Based Financing

Evelina Zurowska, PhD Candidate in Finance
ETF Primary Market Structure and its Efficiency